Natural Born Keller
California Common  5.0% ABV / IBU  35

This unfiltered Keller-style Pilsner has a soft, bready malt profile and a bright, floral hop finish.

Common Sense

California Common  4.8% ABV / IBU 25

Toasted, biscuity malt flavors balanced by a slight floral hop note with fruity flavors from a unique lager yeast.

American Helles Bock  7.1% ABV / IBU 30

This strong American lager was inspired by the malty, pale lagers that are brewed in Germany to celebrate the arrival of spring.  Its strength is hidden behind a soft malt flavor and a cornbread-like sweetness, balanced by a floral and spicy hop character.

Rye IPA  6.3% ABV / IBU 50

This American IPA is brewed with flaked and malted rye, providing a dry, grainy foundation for a clean, spicy hop bitterness.

IPA  6.8% ABV / IBU 60

Piney, citrusy hop aroma and flavor.  Bitter, but with just enough malt to round out this hop-forward beer.

Hoghead Red                               

Double Red Ale  6.4% ABV / IBU 60

This robust red ale begins with malty-sweet aromas of dark fruit, toffee, and burnt sugar. This full-bodied beer is balanced by a prominent piney and citrusy hop finish. 

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